Ranger Underground,LLC

“The Authority in Quality Construction”


The Excavation division provides extensive excavation capability for any type of project.   


The Trenching division provides extensive trenching capability for any type of project.   


The Telecommunications division does work for various private telephone companies throughout Colorado. 

Directional Boring

The Directional Boring division has the latest equipment to complete your underground boring jobs on time and under budget. 

Utility Installation

We offer installation of Water Mains, Sanitary Sewer Mains, Storm Sewer Mains, Lift Stations and Lagoons. We have the capability to install any size of pipe to whatever depth you may desire.

Ranger Underground, LLC

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will assist you with all permit processing and site work that may be required and then build out your project to completion. Quality work coupled with fair and honest pricing keep our customers coming back. Our testimonials from prior customers confirm the value we provide.

With highly trained and experienced consultants on staff, problems leading to cost overruns can be avoided and options to help reduce project expenses can be identified. We have the expertise and the equipment to get your job done on time and under budget. No job is too big or too small as we have the equipment and trained field crews to get the job done right and on time. In addition, we also handle landscaping projects. Our service area includes Colorado, western Kansas, and northern New Mexico.

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Specialize in Horizontal Directional Drilling & Excavation!


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